• 50 Minutes | $135.00

    Indulge yourself with this exclusively gourmet chocolate treatment wrap. Release endorphins that provide a sense of well-being. Powerful energizing and anti-cellulite. enjoy the benefits and feel your skin moisture, smoothness like new again.

  • wrap for 50 minutes $135

    Protect your skin from dryness and premature aging and obtain marvelous rejuvenation and firming results while diminishing the appearance of dark spots and display luminous and radiant skin. Glow and shine with this wrap.

  • wrap for 50 minutes $120
    After sun

    Ideal for sun burn or dehydrated skin. It contains soothing and regenerating properties that help restore the natural hydration of the skin. forget about itching or peeling with this amazing wrap; stay cool and enjoy your experience.

  • 30 minutes $75 USD | 50 minutes $120 USD

    Refresh your skin with this aromatic exfoliation/wrap treatment. Let the mango and coconut work their magic, and get perfectly prepared for any occasion; take advantage of the best mix to have the perfect tan, and receive a huge boost against cellular degradation.

  • 30 minutes $75 USD
    50 minutes $120 USD


    Ancient remedy that combines ginger and white tea, a powerful synergy with detoxifying characteristics, and protection to the skin; experience radiance, vitality and silky soft skin with this amazing exfoliation/wrap service.

  • 30 minutes $70 USD

    Body Scrub

    Removes dead skin cells and allows oxygenation, leaves a very smooth skin.

All prices are in USD and 16% tax will be added to all treatments
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